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Industry Insights

We are an Australian-based web intelligence consulting business. We work with clients to collect, analyse and report on insights from all over the web.

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Our partners

Any business with a need to access and analyse publicly available data on the web.

Our services

Collect & deliver insights, competitor analysis, pricing analysis, and corporate website testing.


Every hour, day, week or month. Insights available when you need them most.

Where do we operate

All our consultants are locally based in Australia.

Why you should consider us

To make the right decisions you need to understand how your industry is behaving so you can predict and react appropriately.

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want to find out how we can improve your data coverage & industry insights?

Our Services

Industry Insights offers many services related to web-based data and insights gathering. The following are the main categories of services.

Data Collection

It all starts with our data collection.

  • Most publicly available web sources
  • 2,000,000+ web pages per day
  • Collection statistics reporting
  • Auto detection of website changes

Industry Analysis

Now that we have the data, what can we do with it.

  • Downloadable insights
  • Trend analysis
  • Comparison analysis
  • Rule-based triggers

Corporate Website Testing

A great way to check your corporate website is working the way it should.

  • Broken link discovery
  • Brand conformity
  • Performance testing
  • Meta tag reporting

Our process

A tried and tested approach that has been working for our clients for over 3 years.


This is where we sit down, grab a cup of coffee and dial in the details.


One of our consultants will rapidly build out a prototype and communicate results.


We harden the whole process to ensure consistent reliable results.


We run your job as often as you request and compile extracts and reports.


Websites Monitored


Insights Processed


Data Points Reported On

The benefits
of using Industry Insights

We are a local Australian business with a no-nonsense approach to project fulfilment.

Our consultants have extensive experience with data and analytics and have worked across multiple industries.


A proven track record of delivering projects on time and within budget.


Access to our extensive expertise in the insights gathering space.

Fast and Easy

Project fulfilment in as little as one week from initial consultation.

Great Prices

Our first class product is available at very competitive rates.

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Our Recent Projects

The following projects are examples of our capabilities.

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Australian Businesses

Over 600k websites tracked

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NZ Businesses

Over 200k websites tracked

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Social Media Tracking

Monitoring Australian Business' social media pages

Contact us

For a free consultation please leave us a message and one of our consultants will get back to you asap.